Micro technologies producing new shapes

Lead pins - offering customers 100% quality assurance

Satisfying customer needs requiring strict and uncompromising quality control.
Where we most fully attain our goal of offering the customer the best possible price and quality is in the manufacture of straight lead pins.
By checking the dimensions of every single product using sensors we developed ourselves, we can offer unrivalled 100% quality assurance.

High quality, low cost, quick delivery and zero claims

In the increasingly globalized electronic components industry, it is crucial to differentiate one's products in terms of price. This means high quality is essential.
By combining our unique technological strengths, facilities, control systems and human resources, we can achieve high quality, low costs and rapid delivery.
We have also embarked on further rationalization in order to reduce claims to zero.

Small components are found everywhere in everyday life and society at large

Life today would be impossible without electronic components.
They are used in a truly diverse range of products, including personal computers, mobile phones, clocks, watches, cars, air conditioners, and consumer electrical appliances in general.
They play an important role in society, too, and are to be found in everything from industrial robots and crime prevention systems to nuclear power plants and space rockets.

Our technology is to be found in new fields too

Ultra-fine micro-processing and 3D processing is now used not only in electronics but also in fields such as medical equipment industry.
Denken Tanshi plants to continue to pursue R&D and technical tie-ups in fields such as spectacle and fishing tackle industries.