Small components are found everywhere in everyday life and society at large

Life today would be impossible without electronic components.They are used in a truly diverse range
of product for example your personal computers, mobile phones, clocks, cars, air conditioners and general household appliances ....
Among society, it also helps industrial robots, crime prevention systems, nuclear power generation and space rockets.


Management Philosophy

We set our management philosophy for the purpose "to satisfy our customers" and continue daily activities towards our goal of becoming a company capable of surviving under any economic conditions.

・We seek to be a creative, scientific community that improves technologies, supplies high-quality products and makes a broad contribution to society.

・We seek to be a rich community that respects harmony and encourages its members to learn and train together to realize the individual's dreams and happiness.

・We seek to be a warm community that exists in harmony with regional society and protects the global environment.

Company Profile

Business Manufacturing lead pins for electric parts and the other parts from wire and plate.
Head Quarters 1059 Kitatahara Ikoma Nara Japan 630-0142
TEL +81-743-79-1467 FAX +81-743-79-1468
Establishment 1961
Representatives Chairman / Shuji Masuda
President / Mikitaka Okazaki
Capital 10MM JPY
Employee 180 ( Include affiliates)
Partner Bank Mizuho bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking corpolation,Kyoto bank, Nanto bank


Oct-1961Developed special lead pins for transistors under the guidance of Osaka Prefecture Industrial Section
Oct-1970Completed Minami-Ikoma Plant
Nov-1985 Completed Kita-Tahara Ikoma Plant
Apr-1987Moved Headquarters to Kita-Tahara Ikoma Plant
Nov-1989Established "100% quality guarantee system "of straight lead pins with our own developed sensor
Mar-1990Established DENKEN TEC Ltd.
Apr-1993Developed Fine Flat Cut technology
Nov-1994Increased capital from 8MM to 10MM JPY
May-1996Developed high-speed header processing technology
Apr-1997Started eye glasses and medical equipment production
Apr-1999Started antenna for mobile phone production
Mar-2000Certified ISO9002:1994 -Headquarters-
Sep-2002Established DENKEN TANSHI(THAILAND)CO.,LTD in Chonburi Thailand
Nov-2005Management integration with SANKYOU SEIMITU CO.,LTD (Stamping press Plant)
Sep-2006 Relocated and expanded DENKEN TANSHI(THAILAND) CO.,LTD plant
Sep-2009Consolidated Headquarters and Minami-Ikoma plant
May-2010Certified ISO9001:2008 -Headquarters-
Nov-2011Certified ISO9001:2008 -Sankyou Seimitsu-
May-2012Certified ISO14001 -Headquarters-
Aug-2013Started plastic molding production
May-2014Started medical and automotive parts in DENKEN TANSHI(THAILAND)CO.,LTD
Dec-2018Started vertical insert injection molding
Apr-2019DENKEN TANSHI (THAILAND) Expands factories to expand business
May-2019DENKEN TANSHI (THAILAND) Starts mass production of insert molded products for automotive parts
Dec-2021Developed the original rolling machine with forming function and started increasing production of automotive parts
Jan-2022Succeeded in developing the prototype of original header machine that can process the tip SR (Full R)

Production Base

■ Head Factory
Address 1059 Kitatahara Ikoma Nara Japan 630-0142
TEL +81-743-79-1467
FAX +81-743-79-1468
■ SANKYO SEIMITSU CO.,LTD ( Pressing plant)
Address 190-1. Okamoto,Kusatsu, Shiga Japan 525-0044
TEL +81-77-563-2340
FAX +81-77-565-2254
Address 23/16 Moo 2 Tambol Nongree Amphur Muangchonburi Chouburi 20000 Thailand
TEL +66-38-476594
FAX +66-38-476597