Header processing


Header Processing

Construct the latest management system that can ensure high productivity.
Using our own-developed machine it can process any header shapes as well as usual flat head header, 2 or more headers, both ends header, silk hat header, middle collar header, projection types and welding types.
In addition, high accuracy (no Burrs and roughness quality controls) of the cutting surface and the header surface was applied our fine flat cutting processing.

Hollow Header processing

High-speed production of complicated shapes and extremely short parts, and processing of high precision products are available.
We will respond to request from precision parts such as hollow hole processing, multiple stage processing, drawing processing, irregular shapes of the header part (head) to large parts.

Product Specifications

Corresponding material Metallic materials such as Kovar, Iron Nickel, Stainless steel, Copper, oxygen-free copper, Brass
Material diameter φ0.2mm~φ4.0mm
Product length 3.0~50mm

flathead header

2 or more headers

middle collar header

hollow header

welding type

stamping header

round header

silk hat header

both ends header

tapered header

hollow and collar header

projection type